3 Things You Can Do to Help Stop a Binge Eating Moment Before it Starts

If you suffer from the urge to overeat on a regular basis, then you could have an eating disorder known as binge eating. Binge eaters frequently consume a high quantity of food in a short period of time. This unhealthy behavior can have a negative effect on your health and emotional well-being. Here are three simple things that you can do at home to help stop a binge before it starts.

3 Simple Tips To Help A Child Adjust To Grief Counseling

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult for children who lack the coping skills and experience with loss that adults can take for granted. It is a good idea for the entire family to go to grief therapy together after a death in the family. While it is a healthy move for all members of the family, it can be confusing for children, and some may have a hard time understanding the entire process.