4 Tips For Using An Employment Agency Successfully

Using an employment agency as a source for finding a job is an excellent way to get your resume out there. Employment agencies work with companies that are looking to hire but don't want to take the time to hunt for the right employees themselves. An employment agency matches your skill set with potential jobs you would be a good match for. In order to make this work for yourself, consider these four tips for using an employment agency:

  1. You Can Submit Your Resume to More Than One Staffing Agency: Just as you would submit your resume to different open positions, you can also submit your resume to multiple different staffing agencies. The benefit of doing this is that you are able to get more prospective employment opportunities. You just need to be sure that you let the staffing agency know that you have submitted elsewhere to ensure that your resume is not being applied to the same position twice. The reason for this is that some staffing agencies work with the same employers. 
  2. Take Advice from the Interview: When you go in for the interview with a staffing agency, they are going to go over your resume. Some staffing agencies may ask that you rewrite certain parts or consider adding some other parts in. It's important that you do this, since the staffing agency knows what employers are looking for. 
  3. Don't be Afraid to Call: If you applied through a staffing agency but haven't heard back from them in a number of days, it can either be because you did not qualify for the position or they overlooked your resume on accident. This is why it's important to call and ask about it. This also helps put your name up front because you have shown your interest and seriousness in this application.
  4. Take the Interview Seriously: Many times people don't take the interview process with the staffing agency seriously since it's not actually the person who is going to be employing you. However, this is not the case. The staffing agency is going to be assessing whether or not you are a good fit for the position. If it's an office position and you show up to the interview in sweats, the staffing agency isn't going to want to take their chances and send you in to do an interview with the employer. This is because the candidates the staffing agency chooses reflects their role in helping employers find the right employees. 

When you follow these four tips when using an employment agency, you can be sure that you are successful and more likely to come out of the experience with a job. Contact a company like Employment Solutions LLC to learn more.